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To achieve education goals the following is available to each child from every school or Home Based School that registers (click on the above link to register):

The focus of the schools farmwalk programme is education.

> A Kids Activity Book focusing on each livestock / rural section featured at the show. A mix of interactive educational activities included.
In 2015 we produced a 2 part book – one part for up to 7 years of age and the second part from 7 years up to Intermediate with the section stamps and map in the centre.

> The Animal Walk was developed to lead children on an easy-to-follow walk of discovery through the Show’s animal attractions, with each of the section stamps in the centre being over stamped
to tick off the visited areas.
Included on The Animal Walk is the Children’s Farmyard and a Poultry and Bird Show where the kids can have a close encounter with some of the cuddliest animals including guinea pigs, goats,  piglets, lambs and birds/chickens and rabbits.
The milkable model cow is on display again (and working). She will have a new name by show day and be painted in the winner’s colours.

The end result is that we expose all children who visit to rural and lifestyle farming allowing them to live and breath life on the farm with access to real animals, and various demonstrations, tours through the animal pens and a chance to talk to farmers about what they do.

An estimated 16,000 school children in years 1-8 live within the greater Hamilton area.

If you have not received an invitation a month prior to the show please contact us on   or simply register through the link at the top.
All attendees from schools registered with our Schools Farm Walk Programme will have free entry and a free book available for each child.

FROM 2016
The annual “cow colouring and naming competition” was on again in 2016 and was well supported. Thank you to all those who competed.
 The 2016 overall winning cow above was won by Eva Gate who gave her the name of “Spoty”.  Eva was the proud recipient of a Family Pass Zoo gift voucher.
A Free Family Cinema Pass was given to each of the individual Age Section Winners Kaylee Davis and Amber-Lee Spencer. Congratulations to you all!


2016 Kaumatua Olympics
These were on in the Indoor Arena Thursday 27th October from 10am onwards and again proved to be very popular. Images to be found on the Entertainment and Displays page.

As part of the Friday 2016 focus on young people the Waikato A & P Association continued with their Schools Farm Walk Program reintroduced back in 2011.
This exciting growing activity provides Hamilton based Primary and Intermediate Schools, Rural Schools, Home Schooled Children and those from alternative schools with the opportunity to interact with the rural community and especially the farmyard animals.

2016 welcomed back Jim and Venus Banks and their Performing Ponies and Dogs – ALL FREE OF CHARGE on Friday 28th to the general public and children on the Farmwalk.
Farmyard activities included:
Butter Churning Demonstrations, sampling the butter and having a go at turning the churn handle.
Rope making and chaff cutting – a first for many to see the “old way” of doing things.
A stand promoting “All things to do with pet / special breed rabbits and how to care for them” run by Donna Handley.
A Wildlife Bird preservation stand run by Bill Smith.
Also a good cross section of people friendly animals likely to be found on a farm.

We thank these people for the time and effort put in and especially Dave Wilson and volunteers for running the Farmyard.

In the main Events Centre building the children were able to experience hand weaving and french knitting on large barrels as well as view Educational Trade Stalls, Poultry and Bird displays including hatching chickens in a portable incubator, alpacas, sheep and cattle in their bedding shed being prepared for showing.


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